Devotional Art

Devotional sculpture and painting, also brass stirrups.
Devotional sculpture and painting, also brass stirrups.

Devotional Art transcends the common definition of art. Artistic expression has always found its way into human history and often was a reflection of the culture and people. But what makes the art created under this category so unique and powerful is that it was created with one thing in mind, faith, the strong belief or devotion in unseen forces that are other worldly, yet interact with us personally and often dictate how we live our lives.

Organized religion has always tried to define it for us and give us guidelines to follow, yet ultimately ones belief is a very personal thing. The power of belief can be so strong and focus that miracles literally occur.

All of this passion and belief is poured into the making of these artful objects, whether a painting or sculpture, the symbolic depiction can be emotionally overwhelming just to gaze at. The level of skill and talent that goes into the making of these pieces varies greatly, from the master painter or Santero, to the humble unskilled peasant.

Some were made for churches, and some for personal Altars, but the motivation for Devotional Art is always the same. The amazing thing about these objects of art is not only the spiritual energy they are charged with, but that they have survived the challenges of time, some through revolutions, some for hundreds of years.

They truly fall into the category of art history.