Hand-made antique fur­ni­ture.

Our furniture collection consists almost exclusively of hand made antique furniture from the late 19th century and prior. The history of the relationship between humans and furniture dates far back, and often defines the level of cultural advancement.

Within the same culture or country, many levels of society existed, and this is reflected in the furniture. In a major city you would find the more sophisticated and refined pieces, compared to the remote countryside where you get into more primitive examples, and what is termed Folk Art.

In the Ranchos Antiques showrooms
In the Ranchos Antiques showrooms

Every one of our pieces could be considered a piece of art, or as I like to call it, Functional Art. They were made by individuals with varying degrees of skill, yet the passion and personal energy that went into each piece is evident.

People have always had a very personal relationship with their furniture, and a sort of bond is made. Some just can’t live without a piece, and some can’t live with it.

Antique furniture is a passion, it has to speak to you, it’s something you can’t put to words, but you’re just drawn.