V001 • Spanish Colonial Guatemalan olive jar • 14'' x 8" • Price $ 325
Guatemalan Spanish Colonial olive jar

Our ceramic collection consists mainly of antique utilitarian vessels. In other words, ceramics that were made for personal use, or in the village.

These pieces tend to be very organic and classic, as the methods and styles have remained unchanged for thousands of years. You can usually see many imperfections, such as fingermarks and unevenness, but this is what gives them their character and makes them so desirable to many.

The fact that they have survived all this use through time is amazing in itself. They are truly works of art that speak to people on many levels.

V002 • Guatemalan Water Jar • c. late 1800's • 17" x 16" • $395
Guatemalan Water Jar • c. late 1800's

The very nature of their creation is so finely woven into the lives of the people through their everyday needs, for food water or ceremony, that each piece has a special story behind it.

Another category is ceramics made for the tourist trade. Many are very desirable and have become collectible as their own art form. Obvious examples are Native American ceramics made for resale to tourists, or Tlaquepaque dishware from Mexico.

There are many varieties, and certainly all have their unique beauty as a ceramic art form.

Guatemalan Reformita Collectible Majolica
Guatemalan Reformita Collectible Majolica