Doors and Architectural Elements

Antique doors in our garden, Note the hand-carved post used as a lintel.Perhaps the most important aspect of any home or building, are the architectural features.  Any structure is just a combination of walls, ceilings, roofs, and floors, but it is  truly the finishing touches that give a building is personality and artistic character.

Nothing makes more of a statement than a spectacular front entrance, or the doorway into the dining room or bedroom, or maybe the passageway is appointed with hand hewn beams or columns to frame the room and set the tone.

Whatever the case, this is the one area where the inhabitants can uniquely created a reflection of how they wish to express themselves in their world, how to connect to the local cultural theme, or created that special soulful space that speaks only to them.  Whether you’re creating a palace or a casita, the architectural elements define the space, and set it apart from every other home or building.

We offer you a variety of personally selected one-of-kind elements, chosen for beauty and integrity to help you manifest your vision.